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Unites States I’m coming back

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Hello everyone, I’m finally back on track with a new adventure that will take me back to the States. My job, my college graduation (which will take place in exactly 16 days) and... READ MORE

Gavia Pass photogallery

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The last few months have been really busy between work and university. I unfortunately had no free time for writing and updating this blog but my camera has always been with me. Because... READ MORE

Iceland gallery

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Iceland, a magical land in which you can feel the amazing power of nature. This place left me speechless, today I’m gonna describe it through my shots:   READ MORE

ICELAND: how to organize your trip

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Few days are gone since my trip to Iceland and I’m going to tell you what I learned about organizing a trip there. Before leaving I browsed the web searching for suggestions about... READ MORE

ICELAND: Blue Lagoon

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      Considered one of the 25 world’s wonders, the Blue Lagoon is located in Grindavik, 39 km from Reykjavik and 20 km from Keflavik International Airport. This is a man-made geothermal spa... READ MORE



    “I’M HEADING BACK NORTH” was the first thing I said as soon as I booked the flight for my next destination. Everything started with me wanting to explore a new land,... READ MORE